Omega 3

Crystal Mind Omega-3 is a combined oil capsule for adults and children over the age of 3, which includes cold-filtered fish oil. Crystal OilTMis a pharmaceutical grade product, which means that the product belongs to the highest omega-3 category. Crystal Mind uses a very special oil - Crystal OilTM. It is produced from ecologically caught fish and is refined by a patented method of cold filtration and cold pressure.

Dose: The recommended daily amount (RDA) for the first three months is 4 capsules per day. After that, we recommend taking 2-4 capsules per day according to your specific needs. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Not recommended for people with blood coagulation disorders. The product is intended for use by healthy adults.


Why is Crystal OilTMso special?

Our well-being begins with our mind and brain. A sharp mind and good concentration will help us continue to improve the quality of our life. Crystal Mind has been developed to support normal functioning of the brain.

Have you ever wondered why some fish oil capsules taste and smell very badly? The smell of many omega-3 products and the cause of unpleasant belching are the result of the oxidation process. When the oil comes into contact with air, it becomes oxidized. In addition to the inconvenience this causes, it also has a negative effect on health by reducing the amount of EPA and DHA in the oil. Unfortunately, rancid omega-3 oils are very common.

However, the level of oxidation of the product is one of the most important quality indicators of food supplements containing fish oil. The so-called TOTOX value is used to indicate the level of oxidation of fish oil. The lower the TOTOX value, the better. Crystal Mind uses Crystal OilTM, which has a very low TOTOX value from the beginning, i.e. from the moment the oil is encapsulated. The newest patented production technologies allow the oils to be handled very gently and cautiously, so that the automatic oxidation inside the capsule is extremely slow. This means that the Crystal Mind capsule is fresh even if it has been in the box on your kitchen shelf for years.

All Crystal Oils™ products are EU and WHO certified as the products that are free from environmental toxins. We do not use strong chemicals or additives that can leave unwanted residues. Therefore, you do not have to fear lead or mercury residues using Crystal Oil and giving it to your children.

Zinc, magnesium and vitamins B6 and B12

In addition to Crystal OilTM, we have carefully selected the following ingredients in Crystal Mind to support the normal functioning of your brain.

Zinc has several science-based health claims approved by the European Food Safety Authority. By ensuring enough zinc intake, you help your brain focus on your daily tasks.

For athletes, magnesium is very important to support normal muscle work. Magnesiumis also an integral part of protein synthesis, i.e. muscle cell recovery and growth. If you feel tired and exhausted during the day, you may be interested in the fact that magnesium helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. Therefore, consuming Crystal Mind every day can be helpful in meeting the daily challenges of life with more energy.

Vitamin B12 can be called “vitamin of the brain” because this vitamin has several health effects on the brain. It helps to keep the psychological functions working and contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Vitamin B6 supports the regulation of hormonal activity. This is an important part of the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, which most of us probably associate with moods.